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3 definitions by whiteshadow28

Stands for best cousin(s) for life, similar to bff, but for cousins instead.
Elizabeth and Alexandra are close cousins. Elizabeth and Alexandra are BCFL.
dodane przez whiteshadow28 grudzień 26, 2008
n., when your crush/boyfriend/girlfriend/spouse comes online on MySpace, Facebook, other friend sites, or any type of instant messaging.

*used mostly during February
IMuser1: 'Hey!'
IMuser2: 'There's my online valentine.'
dodane przez whiteshadow28 luty 10, 2009
When your horoscopes are your religion; you believe fully in everything horoscopes say and swear by it.
'What religion are you?'

'Oh, I'm horoscopic. Hey have you seen a newspaper?'

dodane przez whiteshadow28 luty 10, 2009