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4 definitions by xcrzysquirrelx

The little voices inside your head you have daily conversations with.
the voices inside my head are my friends. they tell me the most amazing things.
dodane przez xcrzysquirrelx marzec 23, 2009
17 6
misspelling of the word vanilla. An addition to the nickname vanilla.
vanilla banilla fantilla soup nilla wafer is the long way to say it.
dodane przez xcrzysquirrelx marzec 20, 2009
3 4
What your best friend refers to your mom as.
Friend: hey where's archie?
me: In the kitchen.


Archie drove me to the mall today.
dodane przez xcrzysquirrelx marzec 20, 2009
28 43
Schweizer is german for "a person from sweden" It is often misspelled Schweitzer
person 1: What is she?
person 2: She's a Schweizer.
person 1: a what?
person 2: You know, a person from sweden.
person 1: oh so she's sweddish?
person 2:yes
dodane przez xcrzysquirrelx marzec 22, 2009
3 29