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A very happy smiley face
:D im verry happy!!!!!!
dodane przez Sam sierpień 11, 2004
A face to denote happyness
Im teh win :D
dodane przez penguin październik 27, 2002
A guy licking hes nose. Sometimes used by people that miss the shift button when trying to type :D. Can oftenly be misread as :p.
> Thanks :d
-> heh n00b you can't even hit the bloody shift button? XD
dodane przez Thor-Rune grudzień 02, 2005
1. n - A greeting usually used on the online community.
2. v - To greet someone like a happy dog who has missed his owner.
MegaworM: :D
P Rybes: heya
dodane przez MegaworM czerwiec 21, 2004
an emoticon expression joy and amusement
omfg that was hilarious :'D
dodane przez apr1c0t październik 26, 2003
A laughing smiley, you can write in MSN or other chat places etc.
person 1: *tells a joke*

person 1's friend: "lol :D"
dodane przez until_the_end kwiecień 17, 2008
: D
a very happy smilie face
I'm feeling so happy!!! : D
dodane przez mayraa. styczeń 21, 2007