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means a few, some, or in some instances alot
officer: how much you had to drink tonight sir?
Man: just a couple of beers.

"hey i gotta a couple of bucks to put on that sack son!"
dodane przez mh53 grudzień 25, 2005
280 58
two to fifteen objects or ideas of the same sort.
A couple of cookies, is fifteen. A couple of chores is two. QED
dodane przez Iramch Spittlinger czerwiec 16, 2009
184 63
refers to 2 people that are in a realtionship
Kayla and Enrique are a very happy couple.
dodane przez SakuraSaku październik 11, 2006
184 64
When two people are dating.
Maggie and Justin are the cutest couple.
dodane przez Maggies hott kwiecień 25, 2007
63 39
two peeps dating for a while in a relationship.
koty and gabby are a good couple 4eva.
dodane przez Jaz & Koty listopad 13, 2007
50 43
To have sex with someone; Sexual intercourse

Used in the musical Spring Awakening.
Moritz: "One question, Melchie. How can you understand what a woman feels when she... you know... couples with a man?"
dodane przez Julia Gibbs grudzień 22, 2010
13 11
a pair. Two. Double.
Look at that "Couple" of hoes walking over there!
dodane przez Bill Clintonhanger czerwiec 24, 2005
80 93