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shit-flavored air. some of the most noxious is fried chicken related!
that fuckin chicken gave me gas from hell! where's the air freshener?
dodane przez da trick biatch marzec 10, 2006
756 345
Guitar Acquisition Syndrome. Coined by Walter Becker of Steely Dan in a short article in an early 1990s Guitar Player magazine.
I sure do have GAS for that Heritage archtop.
dodane przez Roy Brooks wrzesień 03, 2005
591 364
lying; saying something isn't true; stating someone is lying
He was gassing when he said he liked me...
(boy): I'm telling the truth! (Girl): GAS!
dodane przez Ariana Spencers maj 30, 2008
423 235
of amusement, funny edging into hilarious depending on the position on the gas scale. of irish origin used to describe all things surprising and ironically pleasant
have you heard her talk? shes a gas one she is
dodane przez bud listopad 05, 2003
302 221
An acronym for "Gear Acquistion Syndrome" which is the painful (and usually expensive) need to buy more guitar gear.

First heard and proliferated by the sad and loney at the Guitar Effects forum.
Dude! I saw the newest and most expensive boutique pedal ever created, and it gave me some serious GAS.
dodane przez Crankie's Lover maj 02, 2004
87 22
Street name for "Speed".
Do you want some gas?
dodane przez Diego czerwiec 20, 2003
222 173
result of consuming an abundance of Taco Bell. May require the act of opening car windows.
Bridget! That chalupa gave you massive gas!
dodane przez Nards marzec 12, 2003
342 301