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A legendary name given to the man who fought alongside Abraham Lincoln during the Battle of Little Big Horn. It is said that a man carrying this name would have only one known weakness, triceps. When approached by an "Ables" try not to look him in the eyes he has been known to steal souls.
1. Did you hear that "Ables" killed a gorilla last week.
2. Only an "Ables" has the power to defeat the darkside.
dodane przez T.K. Harper maj 28, 2008
19 7
1. Not disabled.
2. A walking, seeing, breathing, talking, hearing human.
3. A person of perfect health.
Able: Can I have a pop?
Gimp: Alright able, walk over there and grab one.
dodane przez Double Gimp sierpień 12, 2011
16 14
grafitti artist located it Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Part of the ACL.
Check out that throw up by able
dodane przez A_b_l_e listopad 10, 2007
8 14
large in size, an abundance, huge, big. used as an adjective.
That child got an able head!
Did you see her able butt trying to fit in those skinny jeans?
dodane przez likebutta styczeń 27, 2010
10 18
what you say when theres an acward silence
ummmm ABLE
dodane przez jessi shaw luty 06, 2004
16 27
somthing you say to someone to make them run to their mom and cry like a little bitch
"shoot i said able dont tell mom"said friend
"ohh im tellen on you to mom"said little bitch
dodane przez scubasteve grudzień 25, 2004
14 44