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indonesian (especially Javanese) slang, more to rude/swearing word, which means "dog", "bad guy",
heh! minggir loe, asu! (get out of my way, asshole!)
dodane przez darck91 styczeń 17, 2012
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Arizona State University
ASU stomped on some Cats in their win Saturday in Tempe.

ASU baseball has capture 5 National Championships.

Maroon and Gold baby!

Arizona State University is the real ASU!
dodane przez Noble Devil kwiecień 27, 2009
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Appalachian State University, home to the famous Mountaineers who defeated Michigan 34-32 in 2007.
:: Where do you go to college?
:: ASU
:: Arizona? I thought you were a Mountaineer?
:: I am. Appalachian State University!
dodane przez Sans0uAvecV0us styczeń 28, 2009
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gaySU- Has won a National championship in 1 of the three major mens college sports- (Basketball- Football- Baseball-) Only baseball which no body cares about anyway.

University of Arizona- has won baseball, and basketball

gaySU- Most Famous Alumni is !!!!Barry Bonds!!!! who has a vagina

University of Arizona- Most famous Alumni- Trevor Hoffman- Greatest Closer in all baseball- or numerous other Basketball players

gaySU- Famous for being a party school.....But what pathetic person gos to school to party? I dont need a school to party

UofA-Most famous for basketball, Med school, And having most teritorial cups.

GaySU- sucks dick

U of A- Watches and laughs
Their mascot is SPANKY the Dick Devil

ASU sucks
dodane przez Wilbur12 czerwiec 03, 2009
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An itch in your brain that you cant itch without killing your self.

common side effects: RAGE, Over grown penis, and instinctive pussy licking skills.
irc.rizon.net #ßö7†å£|{
dodane przez fred dirst listopad 12, 2004
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annoying smelly ugly
look at that asu twat go
dodane przez tom reim maj 02, 2006
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One who likes penis, but only in the mouth.
Did you see that kid? I definitly think he's an asu.
dodane przez Rob W luty 18, 2005
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