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Anything except OTEC.
Hey, I just gave an Alternative Energy Incentives-- good thing it wasn't OTEC.
dodane przez The Resolution grudzień 20, 2008
12 9
An incentive that leads to the development of Alternative Energy.
Giving alternative energy incentives in the form of tax cuts or offering puvlic-private partnerships to spur alternative energy like lunar solar power.

Not simply lossening regulations like legalizaing hemp.
dodane przez Kratos_99 grudzień 21, 2008
1 5
Those alternative energy incentives totally fuck each other.
dodane przez Thomas Q. Paine grudzień 22, 2008
7 13
Lifting the tariff on Brazilian sugarcane ethanol.
An example of Alternative Energy Incentives is lifting the tariff on Brazilian sugarcane-based ethanol.
dodane przez The Framers lipiec 28, 2008
19 25