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Angus is a self fisting machine for men and women. It is manual and automatic and powered by a wide variety of energy sources. We are looking into a Green Angus at the moment. You can already buy a Lady Angus.
I had a bad day at work. I was stressed, so I got in the car and drove home. I soon realised to help ease that stress I’d get some comfort from my seat inserted Angus. Gosh was I relieved.
dodane przez Angus 2000 listopad 25, 2010
11 12
1. Highly aggressive person.

2. A person who does not give a crap.
3. Says how they feel at any given time.
why did you break the xbox? your such an angus
dodane przez mj0824 styczeń 22, 2010
28 30
A name given to someone who is angry, aggitated or annoyed.
Hey Angus, why are you so angus?

Why are you so angus?

You are such an Angus!
dodane przez Los Deanos lipiec 11, 2009
16 19
A big gay
Look at that dancer over there.. such an Angus
dodane przez zwub czerwiec 04, 2013
5 9
a very retarded dog
your dog's an angus
dodane przez moerdt grudzień 21, 2009
14 19
(n.) A massive, dark-skinned homonid female notable for its diet of fried chicken, near-incomprehensible speech, and unpleasant demeanor.
"That angus is waggling her finger at you! I think she's gonna charge!"

"Taiqua's really been putting on the pounds lately. She's turning into an angus."
dodane przez SmexyCitra październik 24, 2011
2 12
Dick, penis, balls
"Hop off my Angus"
dodane przez Playax08 sierpień 10, 2008
34 43