Anne is a loving person. She is a sexy women who can be emotional at times but is always supportive of her friends. Anne is a person who loves to laugh and have fun. She is not shy in the least bit, always energetic, and always having fun. Anne is a person who you can count on to make you feel better, she is the ray of light in a never-ending thunder storm. Anne is a girl who loves photography and always taking pictures of herself and other people. She is very photogenic in her pictures and she never fails to look the best in them all. Anne's are great friends of a Tyler and they are lucky to be friends with Anne. Anne is a girl who you will never forget and is always on your mind. She is the kind of girl that drives you crazy when she's not with you, because you always want to be with her.
Anne is a friend of Tyler, she is very fun to be around.
dodane przez yarghhhh styczeń 08, 2011
A bright talented young lady. One who likes to constantly change her looks, be it with her hair color, fashion choices or make-up. Ambitious, loveable, kind, caring. Not into your every day things, Anne tends to love zombies, horror films and men with facial hair. Not one for the party scene, Anne loves the Straight Edge life style. Anne does have a temper, but it's one that you hardly ever see. Anne over all is a great person, who loves to help out whenever she can.
boy #1 "hey did you see Anne over there?"
boy #2 "WOW! That's Anne!? I didn't recognize her with her new hair color"
dodane przez XANNEXLouiseX lipiec 25, 2010
A goofy chick who will dance on a table just to get some laughs. Her own laugh is infectious. She's the artistic one in the group; and if her camera isn't taking pictures, her bright eyes are. If she's got to be alone, she's being curious and creative -- finding more ideas to entertain a group.
Look at her funny socks -- she's got Anne written all over here.

You're always the Anne of the party!
dodane przez bethanitely sierpień 13, 2011
a beautiful young girl. Her hair is amazing and everyone loves to talk to her. She is artistic and is perfect at making things. She is confident when speaking to people and is hilarious. She is as crazy as the rest of her friends and all of her friends love her. No one hates Anne, and no one ever will. Her style is perfect and she is perfect and looks amazing in everything she wears. Although she has baggage she knows how to keep her head up and show people how amazing she is.
Sarah: Oh look at my best friend, Anne! She is so amazing and beautiful!

Megan: I know!! I LOVE HER SO MUCH!
dodane przez sarahlovescupcakesalot październik 13, 2011
Anne is the one person in life that truly deserves love, she's the one person who is worth the wait, she is the perfect example of a goddess. Anne is beyond gorgeous, with her soft lips, calm warm dark eyes, soft hair, and prominent cheekbones, she is beauty incarnate. She's so beyond the word beautiful, this definition doesn't even give her justice. Anne is the perfect example of the perfect girl, who is just as beautiful inside as she is on the outside. She knows how to be sassy, and if you get her mad, she can beat the living shit out of you if she really wanted to; she is the meaning of perfection. The whole world couldn't be traded for an Anne, she's too valuable; the currency for Anne's are the Universe, and even those cant fully fulfill her true expense. Anne doesn't know how amazing she is, but she truly is the meaning of every possible definition and every unheard synonym of the word " perfection."
Guy #1: Dude, my eyes just fell out of my head, wtf

Guy#2: Oh, MAN, you just looked Anne in the eyes, NEVER look her in the eyes, shes too gorgeous!

Anne: lol, what happened to your eyes??
dodane przez MrBallistic maj 24, 2014
This girl is the ultimate definition of a SEXY BEAST! Too hot to handle and too cool to care.
Boy : Wow look at that girl, she's such a sexy beast!
Girl : Dam there goes Anne, I wish I was her.
dodane przez You'll never know..... czerwiec 01, 2014
A blur pretty girl that makes her guy happy and she is from genson.
You must meet this girl, she is Anne.
dodane przez gboy93 maj 24, 2011
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