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Anonymous is the ultimate internet tough guy. An OL psycho bully, butthurt about being everybody's bitch and being pwnd IRL all the time, set himself to win the only way he kind of knew how, which is also ironical since it was his's smart odds that usually got him raep to begin with. Being the IRL pussy that he is, decided to hide his actions' persona behind true anonymity; in an undifferentiated gang of other sorry ass losers. Those actions more often that not, resulted in major lols, as expected of such fail IRL lolcows. Finally getting tired of being the laughing stock of the universe in all imaginable possible ways, they decided to better justified it and say that it was on purpose and hence forged a new inducive adage, that they 'did it for the lulz', or if with a sugarcoated moralfag anarchy twist, 'for great justice'. Which is either way pointess and contradictory self-pwning anyhow. They're also closet attention whores that get their kicks of unwarranted self-importance by vandalizing real attention whores' shit and people who disagree with them; since most people are not major geeks, just could not emotionally get it, and are hence labeled anti-lulz; the real attention whores were of course asking for it and deserve to get rape accordingly. Almost needless to say, intellectually that senseless shit of a ideological manifesto is just like them, laughable. What a great achievement to moronically troll a 16 year old girl facemyliveshit account, must've been a real tough cookie to crack; you are so hXc. Nigga please, it that's the best You can do, then pleeeaaase DO NOT WANT U to lolfight any more 'baetlz k'. It's not even funnay anymore, not that it ever was. Anon's nowadays synonymous with a lame OL prankster. It is common knowledge that there's no oldanon, it just remains constant the same plain old shitty level of anon crap; the real oldanon left the scene when they weren't any more real challenges or grew up. It is useless to increase the quantity of them by dynamically recruiting fucktards, since they are all unreliable retarded rap-loving 13 year old boys newfag emo furry shit. Since anon is supposed to be behaving the way that everybody really wants; well, then become an heroes; that's what we all really want (or at least is what I want). What a bunch of wimpy shitheads. Laugh at anons every chance you get; laugh at the size of their e-penis; laugh at their lolfighting for shit no-one cares about; laugh at their inability to command respect OL. Since anon nevar4gets; yeah right; to get a life perhaps, since every waking moment is a tormented hellish sempiternal remainder of his IRL fail. But wait, wouldn't that also make You kind of an anon; what a mindfuck! Anons sure is serious business... Fo sho rly!
Anonymous would like everybody to get a twisted sense of humor; troll the interwebz, protest scientology, watch Faux News, blow up vans, become an heros; buy a dog, curtains, goggles, mudkips, Guy Fawkes masks, etc; just for graet justice!

Dubious Disclaimer: This definition was written for the lulz!
dodane przez mayor_lulzer maj 11, 2008
We are Anonymous.

We are reasonably gay for one another.

We are one big group of cowards.

We do not forgive our parents for what they did.

We do not forget to put our names on our posts, we are simply too scared.

We will crush anything that stands in our way, providing it is someones email account or myspace page. Anything else is just too scary.

This is all we are...

...But all we will be hailed for is being the modern day D&D rejects.


Expect us around 6pm 2moroz. Anonymous is waiting for mom's permission to come online again. :( (sad facez, ohhhs noe!)
'if you call yourself anonymous and thumbs down this entry, you're a gutless tard. Smoke 8 dicks yo"
dodane przez Anonymous Warlock Guildmaster Douche maj 09, 2008
A bunch of idiot trolls who hack websites and then they try to look cool with long monlogues like "we are anonymous, we do not forgive, we are the soul of the internet" and other shit like that.
dodane przez blitzkrieg999 lipiec 01, 2010
A group of LOW LIFE online hackers who think its funny to hack into people's computers and make their life a living hell. Probly all computer nerds who cant do shit to people in real life so they cause choas on the internet and post people's personal information EVERYWHERE. Then they get their phone number and leave them threatening messages and post their address out. They say stupid sayings like, i heard you like mudkipz or take ur memes somewhere else. Basically, they are just losers.
anonymous: i heard you like mudkipz
person: i fucked your mom 3 times on ur bed and didnt wash your blankets.
anonymous: im gonna hack you because im a pussy and cant do shit in real life
dodane przez duckieduckduckofallduckinson październik 11, 2008
The Prince of Thousand Faces,
The Unforgiving Demon of /b/,
The Vindictive One.
You got the point?
Posts on #chan boards and flames Jewas or niggers.
"Watch out for Anonymous,he does not forgive!"
dodane przez Anonymous luty 20, 2005
A cowardly fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
Dude, you're anonymous.
dodane przez bobbo marzec 04, 2004
A bunch of socially inept teenagers who have, by some bizarre and somewhat hilarious twist of fate, convinced the world that they are an underground group of elite hackers. This is quite far from the truth.

Anonymous' idea of hacking is getting angry about some organization or something (Such as the Australian Government, Facebook, or whatever) for some benign reason, and then rallying 200 or so fourteen year olds to manually DDoS their website to shut it down for about 20 minutes, if that. The real world equivalent of this is getting a bunch of angry midgets to stand in front of the door of a shop to stop people from getting in. It's really quite retarded.
Some members of anonymous like to distance themselves from these internet superheroes by distinguishing between the 'Old' anonymous and the 'New' anonymous. What they often to neglect to mention is that they are both equally stupid - New anonymous likes to put on shitty masks and protest in the streets, while Old anonymous likes to log onto Habbo Hotel and mildy disgruntle some 12 year olds because they can't get into a virtual pool.
dodane przez Zer0T październik 01, 2011