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Sticky ooze within the butt crack
His ass gum stained his underpants
dodane przez Rocko R marzec 13, 2009
Ass-Gum: Ass-gum is gum that has been placed within the back pocket of a individual, and sat on. Thus, the gum has became dis-formed, and in some rare instances, smells unpleasant because the subject who processes the gum has farted.
Mike - "Hey Bill, can I have some of that gum please?"

Bill - "Sure Mike, any time."

Tom - "Don't eat that Mike! That's Ass-gum!"

Mike - "Nasty dude, ew, I ain't eating that anymore."
dodane przez Paso Robles Slang marzec 15, 2010
Horrible tasting gum.
This gum tastes like ass.

Does anyone have any ass gum?
dodane przez Coov czerwiec 09, 2009