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Nickname for the decade between 2000 and 2010.
The Nineties were lame; I hope the Aughts are more interesting.
dodane przez Tricia G listopad 08, 2004
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one aught six
dodane przez Momanon październik 09, 2003
Early English term, it basically is a different way to say the word "anything."
Friend: What would you like on your burger?

You: Aught, really...
dodane przez PersonWhoIsSomething-Lizterine styczeń 28, 2005
expression of anything and everything
(Anger) MAN AUGHT! (Response) How was your day? It was kinda aught...
dodane przez Chris Dodson wrzesień 13, 2003
A reference for special emphasis on dates or times, or anything in general. Much more than just 20-aught-04 for the year 2004, you use "aught" for anything that you need special attention for. Mostly when remembering something.
1. Dude, remember that car that talked, that "aught" Knight Rider show, well, its back and horrible as evah.

2. What was that name of that hmmmmm, "aught" chick again?
dodane przez Ever Changing Show październik 25, 2008
Similar to aight, this word is used to say something is alright, or good, in a non ghetto hip-hop way.
Jeff: "I accidently killed your dog"
Kevin: "It's aught"
dodane przez Jibbodahibbo kwiecień 09, 2008