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Beautiful Chocolate Man
Wow, he's a BCM <3
dodane przez AHWOO czerwiec 14, 2010
Bacon, Cheese, and Mayonnaise
a BLT without the bad
When Ben wanted some delicious sandwiches, he remembered over hearing discussion of BLTs earlier that day and decided to prepare some BCMs, because of course he wouldn't want the L or the T in a BLT.
dodane przez CopperCoin kwiecień 25, 2014
a group of really selective christians who give The Ugly Look if anyone does anything halfway human but bad. Short for Baptist Campus Ministries. Nice people, but no tolerance for difference WHATSOEVER.
Yeah so how about we saw half the BCM today while we were stumbling down Conception St. half drunk and they tried to act like they didn't know us? How Christian is THAT?
dodane przez nappyafrochik kwiecień 06, 2003