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One hot place to spend waaay too many hours of your life. Ya heard?
BMMB is swarming with fly honeys.
dodane przez Mindi kwiecień 03, 2004
33 9
The Bam Margera Message Board is a place to flame groupies(known as Bamtards.) This place really has nothing to do with Bam Margera. It's a great place to be.
Aight.. Aight.. AIGHT..
dodane przez Brandi-Lilu marzec 25, 2005
12 6
A kick ass place where you'll waste most of the day.
Visit the BMMB, y0,
dodane przez MorbidFreddie kwiecień 18, 2004
11 9
Big Mac Man Boobs
Someone who ate Big Macs frequently and get fat so he will get a pair of MAN BOOBS.
Josh: Hi, BmmB!
Jake(BmmB): STOP! U ARE BmmB!
Scott: LOL BmmB
Teacher: No more big mac jokes
dodane przez SandaimeSpaceMan luty 09, 2008
3 4
A lesbian club in the heart of London.
Lezbo 1: Wanna go to BMMB?

Lezbo 2: Sure, we can make love there to.
dodane przez Richard.M kwiecień 12, 2004
4 12