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a term of endearment most commonly used by close friends. This can lead to other cute nicknames such as babyface, sweetcheeks, and noodlenose.
"Hey babycakes ;]"
"Hey sweetcheeks i missed you!"
dodane przez teresaxlove sierpień 26, 2008
311 162
the love of your life, your boyfriend/girlfriend/crush
HEY, he is my baby cakes. OR
HEY, she is my baby cakes.
dodane przez putin marzec 11, 2005
689 133
an affectionate term for a girlfriend who is awesome beyond measure
"Oh hey, babycakes. Why are you made of awesomesauce??"
dodane przez MrSexyface kwiecień 25, 2010
188 73
The best clothing line in the world from paul griffiths!
babycakes is bttr thn ur bf.
dodane przez lulzscrebcommaaaalol listopad 24, 2007
351 254
A word used to describe A person you are close friends with, or someone you love
Andy: Hey Philip, Your my Babycakes
Philip: Thanks Man, You too.
dodane przez Andrex26 październik 18, 2010
104 55
MY baby... no one elses... she's MY babycakes, and I love her to death!
hey babycakes, move over a little so I can get on top of you.
dodane przez pj marzec 18, 2004
277 247
cheeks of a young woman's or girl's ass; buttocks
In the movie "Tilt," Brooke Sheilds had her character's name embroidered over each denimed baby cake.
dodane przez Tummy AuGratin luty 24, 2006
29 25