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(I'll) Be back later.
Gotta take a shower, bbl.
dodane przez lmarket lipiec 30, 2011
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acronym: be back later.

brb (be right back) is for being gone for a short period of time....

bbl (be back later) is for when your gone for a longer period of time.... that way the person you are texting or IM will know you will be gone for a while...

George C. from NYC is known for creating this.
i gotta run some errands bbl.
dodane przez hellogoodbye4evr styczeń 12, 2012
3 5
Big Boobed Lady.
That's a hot BBL.

Did you just see that BBL walk by.

We better bounce our eyes, lads. Here comes a BBL
dodane przez spahn lipiec 09, 2012
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Boobs, Butt and Legs
What is the first thing people notice about you? Response: Superficially, I would say my height, eyes, and smile followed by my bbl!
dodane przez bg27 marzec 24, 2011
6 14

This is used when a person has to go to something and will not be back soon
Hey guys i gotta go eat dinner BBL.
dodane przez DragonZ911 grudzień 30, 2002
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A nickname used for a person who has impecable core strength, amazing height, lightning speed, large dukes, the body of god and fitness of the highest quality.
BBL!, you are a machine in the gym!
dodane przez Ladzy_777 listopad 09, 2010
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One standard barrel, consisting of exactly 42 US gallons. Commonly used in reference to Oil or other liquid Petroleum products.
"Dude, the cost of one bbl just went down. I'll be back later, I'm going to buy some!"
dodane przez KPWM listopad 02, 2006
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