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Cheerios and beer. Truly the breakfast of champions.
"Beerios beats Wheaties any day."
dodane przez Jason Spencer kwiecień 03, 2004
The end result of substituting beer for milk in "Milk and Cheerios"
I had Beerios for breakfast.
dodane przez IIIINEROIIII sierpień 01, 2008
The combination of your preferred light beer, and Cheerios.

One of the ways to start your early mornings drinking for holidays such as St. Patrick's Day, or your birthday.
Dude, after tonight, we are waking up at six o'clock and starting to play pong and have some BEERIOS for breakfast.
dodane przez Dayton Flyer (937) marzec 17, 2010
cheerios with beer instead of milk
dodane przez jake deering lipiec 10, 2008