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a melodic death metal band that actually leaves your ears bleeding
friend:duuude did you listen that song i sent you by Beneath the Sky?

you: yeah it left my ears bleeding!
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dodane przez poppystewis październik 19, 2008
An extremely intense band that will leave you with cum-stained pants. The vocalist has a scream so raw, it's like he downed a bottle of sand before screaming.

I think all Beneath the Sky fans can agree that it was a sad day indeed when they split up.
idiot: dude, that guy from Beneath the Sky can't scream worth shit...

me: obviously you don't know how big your testes have to be to have a scream that intense.
#hardcore #hxc #brootall #intense #legitasaur
dodane przez H3!NY marzec 09, 2009
Brutal Band,better than suicide silence,Sex(No....wait,Sex is Mind blowing),Will make your ears bleed to death because they're like a never ending symphony of hardcore Vocals.
There most Brutal Albums Are "The day The Music Died"
And "What Demons Do To Saints"
Bring me the horizon,Suicide Silence,Slipknow(Who shouldn't even be considered Brutal...since they're for faggot ass scene kids and only have lables because faggot ass scene kids buy there shit because their parents touch them at night)
BTS Fan1-Dude,Did you check out last night's Live Show,Beneath The Sky Rocked Hard!

BTS Fan2-Hells to the motherfucking yeah,man!I couldn't stand up straight for shit!,They Fucking Skull Fucked The Shit Out My Ears With Fucking "Respect For The Dead"

Faggot Ass Scene-Omgz,I Lovez There Hair,It's The SeXXX!

Bts fan 1 & 2-*Impale him with butter knife on a broom*Bitch ass pussy ass motherfucker.
#beneath the sky #fucking awesome #murder! #bts #ear bleeders!
dodane przez HorrorPunkFanKidX777X grudzień 13, 2009
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