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Located in the northwest of washington, birchbay is a small community on the canadian border. Sort of a resort community to those coming from larger near by cities (seattle, vancouver,etc). At first glance, quick drive through or a weekend stay at one of the local hotels you will notice birchbay is a great town. Nice beachs, Seemingly nice locals, small city. Truth is behind this vacation wonderland is it is a major drug traffacking city (placed so close to border) million dollars of drugs are constantly confinscated at border crossings monthly. Schools run with kids trying to make a buck off the local drug scene. Most of the bigger drug dealers in this town are just kids. Full of heroin, meth, crack, ecstacy, and marjuana. Blaine is also known for its local gangs West Side Piru (Silly white kids hoped up on drugs who lacked proper role models) MSL (Mexicans hoped up on meth) and others. Police are known in blaine to be quite common.
Ranaldo: Hey want to go to birchbay this weekend?
Pam: No, i heard that place is full of dope
Ranaldo: No it looks like a really nice place, are you sure?
Pam: **sigh** Alright lets go.
dodane przez Nate420420420 październik 19, 2010
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