someone who is snotty, backstabbing, and LEADS GUYS ON, preppy, two-faced,
Madi Ofori is a BITCH, she leads guys on!
dodane przez lalalalalalala :D grudzień 22, 2009
A word used by dudes in the 'hood to display ownership of and refer to their significant other by (in a positive way).
Gangsta 1: "Aw Blood, where ya'll 'bout to go?"

Gangsta 2: "Shit, me and my Bitch finna ride out real quick."
dodane przez QuitePricey maj 28, 2009
Can also be a short term name for a women

B= Beautiful

I= Individual

T= That

C= Causes

H= Hardons
Check out that bitch over there, she lookin' fine!
dodane przez lilwhitesexxigirl15 maj 22, 2009
someone who lives to impress other people, someone who strives to fit into a group, someone who cannot be themselves; acts fake to impress other people, or to fit in
you are a bitch
dodane przez garyprohaska grudzień 23, 2008
Devin's mother
dodane przez Ontopa, Yomotha grudzień 22, 2008
Anyone that sleep around for money, mostly females.`
dodane przez T.H.U.G L.I.F.E_(tupac) grudzień 03, 2008
Your Mom
Your Mom's a bitch
dodane przez Wanghis listopad 15, 2008

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