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This party is BO!
dodane przez Sophsta wrzesień 09, 2003
64 85
the sweetest girl alive and is bestfriends with whammy <3
bo is a sweetass girl that is best friends with whammy and mudbutton
dodane przez sweetassmonkey kwiecień 20, 2005
4 27
Abbr. for Bitch Out. When someone has decided to leave early, back out on plans, pass out, or just generally be a bitch.
Where'd Kyle go? I thought he was going out with us.

No Kyle B.O.'ed, and went home.
dodane przez Jacob Eiting lipiec 10, 2006
17 61
hardcore gang out of Memphis, TN rivals with the cobras, bloods, gd's, vice lords, and many other gangs. underground gang now, but should be very popular in a couple of years.
Damn! Did you see those b.o.'s? Shit man, they threw up their gang sign. We need to get out of here. O Man! We need to get out of Memphis. O Fuck!!!!
dodane przez da bozz październik 05, 2006
8 62