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Something that is extremely cute, so much so that just looking at something 'boofy' makes you wants to act violent towards it such as squeeze or bite it.
Person 1: Take a look at this rubber duck
Person 2: It's so boofy!
dodane przez A.E.J luty 14, 2010
64 21
Boofy (adj)
A word used to illustrate intense poofiness.
Usually utilised in the description of hair.
The 80's was a partcullarly 'boofy' era
dodane przez Magpiex maj 06, 2011
30 9
Something out of the ordinary; unorthodox.
"Man that chicks hair was boofy!"
dodane przez Cowboy Dave sierpień 30, 2006
64 49
having hair that is puffed-up, as a bouffant.
How do you like my hair?

It looks boofy!
dodane przez Dr. Heywood R. Floyd wrzesień 19, 2008
33 24
Someone/ something that's cute or adorable

A variation of this word is "Boofy Toggers"
"That's so boofies!"

"Aww! Boofy toggers!"
dodane przez penfoldus kwiecień 03, 2009
2 0
Meaning poofy or big sometimes occures depending of the weather conditon

-Mrs.Metkas 1st.period class HBMS Roswell GA
Wow her hair is so boofy!
dodane przez conway22- styczeń 13, 2011
9 10
Someone that is both beautiful,and goofy at the same time.
"That silly picture of Samantha shows you just how boofy she really is."
dodane przez Mr.Jigginz luty 11, 2010
11 17