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The most awesome person on Earth. He is awesome, funny, amazing, and what ever you can think off. He always is there to aid you, and he always WINS!
We've all got a friend who's called Bram!
dodane przez iEatPie4Breakfast wrzesień 07, 2011
186 43
Noun. A joker, a comical character, a good time guy or gal, a funster. From the cockney rhyming slang 'what a joker, what a Bram Stoker, what an absolute bram.'

Related: to bram bramming brameraderie 'This could have some serious bramifications'
Greg did (funny thing). What a bram!
dodane przez RealCaro listopad 06, 2010
88 45
Male Reproductive organ
WOW! you have a huge Bram!
dodane przez Bramasaurus REX sierpień 17, 2010
106 72
A term invented by D Akkus, who connected the words 'bruv' and 'fam' because he could not find a strong enough word to describe his associates.
D Akkus: 'Hey bram whats up?'

Ulique: 'Alright bram. Yourself?'
dodane przez f*ck mcdonalds & taco bell czerwiec 20, 2009
65 53
A female bro, or a female with temporary bro status.
Hey bros, Nina is gonna join us for our b-dubs run
But, bro, she's not a bro.
She's a bram, it's all cool.
dodane przez Danger hawkins czerwiec 28, 2013
5 10
Unit of measurement for n00bs
The average n00b weighs approximately 10 brams
dodane przez Berkoshits grudzień 07, 2008
100 133
Unit of measurement for Noobs
1. That loser Berkoshits is 8.5 brams on the Noober scale

2. Anyone who weighs more than one bram should should just give the world a break and shoot a noob tube at themselves.
dodane przez JerkoShits listopad 23, 2008
11 64