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A small town in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, 20 minutes west of Sault Ste. Marie on the shore of Lake Superior.
Brian went to Brimley for the weekend.
dodane przez wtbppl2stfu kwiecień 14, 2010
Whiskey and Gravy, best served hot.
I just drank a Brimley.........it was hot and delicious. It burned on the way down, but I still liked it.
dodane przez smokeabowl kwiecień 05, 2008

To eat so many sugary foodstuffs at one time that one risks becoming diabetic. Refers to Wilford Brimley's famous Liberty Medical commercials where he talks about his "diabeetus".
"I still have a box of Belgian chocolates I have yet to brimley through."
dodane przez somethingsurvived grudzień 28, 2007