Abbreviation for "canvas messaging" mostly used by baddie highschool students
Wow Ryan has mad cm game hittin me up in English
#canvas messaging #not direct messaging #not imessaging #related to ipads #cm
dodane przez Gravatar luty 20, 2014
Top Definition
Japanese way of saying commercial.
I like to watch the CMs because it's interesting.
#commercial #cm #cf #intermission #break
dodane przez Poolooza kwiecień 19, 2011
CM - abbreviation for the CBS show Criminal Minds.
Person 1: Hey man! What are you doing later, want to hang out?
Person 2: Can't, sorry. I'm watching CM tonight.
#tv #criminal minds #cm #show #cbs #criminals
dodane przez thatperson_ sierpień 03, 2015
"cm" means to comment
(on a builitin) NEW PICTURES cm them =]
#comment #pc4pc #picture comment #fjalsdfjkds #etcc
dodane przez Krista Lynn wrzesień 09, 2007
CM is abbreviation of the term "Certain Man". CM is a description of a rock bottom rated member of society due to their dull and foolish antics.
An example of a CM type of person would be someone who plays microstars like they are real players or collects sports games with the intention of not playing them.
#fool #cunt #twat #battyman #dumbass
dodane przez Mobuku DeKlonku wrzesień 15, 2013
Street Term For Crystal Methamphetamine
On the Phone "Got any CM?"
dodane przez KAtelyn grudzień 06, 2003

This person is the definition of a tool... they get over excited in the bedroom and scream out very loudly, and make horse like noises!

Everything to them is SUPER and good good good

They have been known to wear jesus sandles and a poncho
OMD CM is wearing his jesus sandles and a poncho again!
#tool #horse #super #sandles #poncho
dodane przez brassey_30 maj 11, 2010
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