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A once attractive actor from One Tree Hill who screwed up when he cheated on the hottest woman alive, Sophia Bush. Now has become a pedofile.
He messed up Chad Michael Murray style
#chad michael murray #sophia bush #one tree hill #a cinderella story #pedofile
dodane przez Amen Ally czerwiec 26, 2006
Only the hottest man alive!!
OMG!! jesse mccartney is sooo not chad!!
dodane przez becka marzec 13, 2005
Walking sex. A teen idol on the WB's One Tree Hill, where he gets to make out with Hilarie Burton. He also made out with Hilary Duff in A Cinderella Story and got very close to Paris Hilton in House of Wax; only one of the sexiest men ever.
Girl 1: Damn, Chad Michael Murray is hot.
Girl 3: Just try Chad for insta-orgasm!
#chad michael murray #one tree hill #the wb #hilarie burton #a cinderella story #house of wax #hilary duff #paris hilton
dodane przez Rosston styczeń 15, 2006
a celebrity that starred in "A Cinderella Story"
Girl#1:"Omg did you watch "a Cinderella Story?"
Girl#2: Hell no! Hillary Duff is in it!She can fucking die.
Girl#2: Yeah I hare her to, but Chad is in the movie too
Girl#2:OMG REALLY??!?!?! ok then im gunna watch it!
Girl#2:.. yeah I watched it yesterday.. looking at Chad gave me an orgasm
dodane przez i heart chad marzec 13, 2005
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