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Loves Kayla Hons
Loves Black people music even though he is white
John Chesky
dodane przez Dixie Normus maj 11, 2004
12 2
The only person ever to recieve and give an STD while have sex with a computer.
Hey Brian look at that computer, u can tell there's a Chesky around these parts.
dodane przez Dixienourmous(AKA Blackburn) sierpień 24, 2004
11 3
A really geeky computer nerd. Used as an insult.
That Brad kid is such a Chesky, hissing at his parents while he's programming in his closet.
dodane przez Jonarmy marzec 13, 2004
11 3
Really loves the Above listed girl. (Kayla Hons)

Also loves the rap
Jon Chesky
dodane przez Dixie Normous maj 22, 2004
11 5