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Invented when some person wanted chocolate and a cocktail at the same time because they had no patience whatsoever. It's yet to take off as a standardised product let alone a good one.
Hey!" "What?" "Hey You!" "What?!" "Fancy some Cockolate?" "No. You disgust me." "Cockolate.
dodane przez Sophie Heineken marzec 10, 2011
27 6
a chocolate-covered penis
"Hey, baby, I got some cockolate for you tonight, Josh" moaned Nathann.
dodane przez Josh L L grudzień 01, 2006
20 13
A common name for a brown/indian penis
Dude, I got this girl to suck on my cockolate last night!
dodane przez currybomb lipiec 28, 2010
10 4
What you have when chocolate is shaped in any body part, ex cock, pussy, tits, or ass
I have a lollipop in the shape of a penis, but no one wants to suck my cockolate pop
dodane przez Cockolate maj 22, 2012
3 1
A large black penis
1) Ho: Girl, I'm getting me a BIG bar of cockolate tonight!
Ho's friend: Everyone loves Cockolate
dodane przez Cockolate lover lipiec 10, 2008
8 6