another word for couchie
baby ur coo is so warm and juicy
dodane przez jesse marzec 07, 2005
cool-the L bcuz l stands for loser
you are too coo
dodane przez d grudzień 01, 2003
Her warm, moist coo worked my dick for some goo.
dodane przez urban pervert. marzec 10, 2003
something cool
hip or fashionable
"Dam that car is the COOS"
"You are hella coos"
dodane przez dot0j sierpień 25, 2009
A Portuguese term referring to one's hindside; also known as ass, butt, boot-ay, buttox.
I couldn't help but grab her big coo.
dodane przez meg grudzień 01, 2004
Gurls pussy or vagina or the gurls genitalia
damn gurl yo coo smellin like ass
dodane przez DR.KIRKWOOD lipiec 02, 2007
When someone ejaculates into someones anus then that person defacates, the resulting exrement is a mixture of stool and penile discharge (or-poo and cum)called coo.
me-"Holy fuck bro...I banged this chick up the ass last night then I let her 'coo' on my face.
my buddy-That is sooo fucking sweet dude, I wan't 'coo' on my face too!
dodane przez Peter North listopad 02, 2003

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