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An anal sex position where the female sits in the lap of a male (either in a chair or lying down) with her back facing the man in a Reverse Cowgirl position. The woman then leans back against the male’s chest & in lifting her legs up towards her shoulders, the male links his arms through the woman’s legs & then locks his hands behind her head which pulls & locks the female’s legs open & back as far as they will go towards her head, therefore putting the female Spread Eagle in a Full Nelson Headlock (using her legs instead of her arms).

Having the female locked in this position gives 100% control of the depth, speed & duration of anal sex act to the male. While it allows the male unrestricted anal penetration, it also offers a clear & impressive view (for a mirror / webcam / friends / ex-husbands) of the relentless ass pounding taking place.

With this position being quite popular in the mid 90’s, the Cox Knot (or Cox Lock) is now becoming fashionable again in the pornography world as a “signature position” by Porn Stars such as Sasha Gray.

"At the party in Hollywood last night, Adam had Rebecca in a Cox Knot on the sofa for like 8 minutes! It was killer!"

"Nice One! She'll be shitting cum for a week!"

dodane przez stacey846622 styczeń 05, 2009

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