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Forming your hand into a cup and placing it on a woman's cunt.
Honey, will you cuntcup me to sleep tonight?
#cunt #cupping #nut cupping #cunts #cuntupping #cunt cupping
dodane przez tinmanz marzec 17, 2015
5 Words related to Cunt Cup
1. A titanium pair of panties made to keep only the most infested cunts contained.
WOW, she was so fucked up we slapped a cunt cup up on dat bitch
#cunt #cunt barrnacle #cunt cork #cunt custard #cunt cream
dodane przez niggawut08 luty 01, 2008
A hard female cup that covers the vaginal area during sports and unwanted sexual advances.
I had my Cunt Cup on all night and it itched!
#cunt #cup #pus #s vag #stinker
dodane przez Panty Teaser wrzesień 29, 2015
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