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<Internet speech>

<v> To be a Cutesy; The way in which a chat room user, often a girl, will speak in order to make herself appear to be more cute.
Some of the rules of Cutesy speech are as follows:
1. Repeat the last letters of the last word in a sentence.
2. Add 'le' to the end of any word which has anything to do with love of another.
3. Use smileys/emoticons a hell of a lot more than you need to.
4. Font colour is preferably pink or another flamboyant bright colour such as cyan.
5. Use exclaimation marks in quantity.
6. Add 'sies' to the end of any word which ends in the sound of 'Y'.
7. Use 'z' instead of 's' as a plural.
1. "Hiiiii, how are yoooo!!"

2. "Awww, have a huggle!! *huggles*"

3. "Heehee! :D:D:D:D"

4. "What do u mean yoo cant read my font!!! lolz"

5. "OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :oP"

6. "Aww, ok then!! Byesies!!!!! *huggles*"

7. "lolz, now i get it! :oP"
dodane przez Stuart Fletcher kwiecień 12, 2005
152 36
the act of talking in a cute manner,
Talking cutesy to a baby.
dodane przez Drig październik 14, 2004
78 32
Someone who is extremely and beyond cute.
"She is sooo cutesy!"
dodane przez cutesygirl lipiec 15, 2009
37 13
very very cute
your hair is so cutesy
dodane przez Kristy Gibas styczeń 11, 2009
30 12
people that are way too cute for everyone else to even comprehend
Jack- "Hayley and Joey are such cutesies, no one can handle that."
dodane przez dowwwnngirl kwiecień 15, 2011
6 2
a word that proves lawson wrong because it's in a dictonairy. it means really cute / adorable :)
me being tied for lawson's 2nd best friend is cutesy
dodane przez deeisacoolkid marzec 27, 2009
15 12
It can be used to describe a person, place or thing that is beyond cute.
"oh my God ... that is so cutesy!"
dodane przez cutesyjones listopad 10, 2006
33 31