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The name of the male spouse when the married couple are cousins.
"Hey, ho's it going? I want you to meet my cuzband!"
dodane przez KimiBichee październik 03, 2012
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Cousin husband, a husband who is also your first cousin. Common in many countries.
Heba, wouldn't you love to have a cuzband someday soon?
dodane przez Freddy ByKnockulars wrzesień 08, 2009
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When you marry your first cousin who happens to be male.
Nanny is in love with her first cousin. She wants to marry cousin Jimbo. When they marry - Jimbo will be her "cuzband."
dodane przez Repulsed Observer sierpień 26, 2008
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your cousin's husband
Dude, my cuzband Bill is so cool..He used to buy me beer when I was underage.

dodane przez Nuggets Mcgee październik 09, 2007
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Two divorced cousins of the same gender who elect to share a life, home and interests.
When asked: Hey, who are you bringing to the party?

Respond: I am bringing my cuzband.
dodane przez Desert Rose Deb czerwiec 21, 2007
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