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A term used to describe a lazy eye.
1. Bro you have DAT I

2. Dude 1: "Whats with Binwant?"

Dude 2: "I don't know, I think he has DAT I"
dodane przez e737989 kwiecień 04, 2013
13 1
The creamy frothy mixture of semen and faecal matter left over as a by-product of violent and forceful homosexual anal sex.
I had to wash the Datis out of my ass last night after Sepy fucked me so hard.
dodane przez famous movie actor AD grudzień 07, 2011
6 1
The small, yet completely inconvenient, festering piece of turd that is hanging off of the longest hair in the vicinity of your anus. Once you go to whipe, the Datis collapses between the force of the toilet paper and the hardness of your flesh. This collapse causes a large mess on the targeted area, which results in a couple minutes of discovery and cleanup. Often, the victim may simultaneously vomit, depending on the size of the Datis.
Kids: Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet?
Father: Shut the hell up! Jesus, you guys are more annoying than that Datis I had to deal with this morning.
Mother: Aww honey sorry to hear that.
dodane przez Fredjorium grudzień 07, 2011
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