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Well this sucks, or oooowell
DOP a crab just bit my foot.
DOP! my life sucks I just found out I have an STD.
#shit #damn #fuck #tits #poop on my chest
dodane przez Zacheria lipiec 23, 2008
'Double Oral Penetration'

The proces of inserting two male genitals into a females mouth
Always DOP on the bright side of life
#dap #double penetration #large mouth #sharing #double pleasure #cumshot #bright side of life #adop
dodane przez Freek de koala luty 08, 2011
South African slang, refers to alcoholic drinks.
I'm so sad, I have no more dop to drink.
I'm out of money for dop.
dodane przez Smarties czerwiec 24, 2005
Acronym for Dual Ovary Punch, punching both ovaries at the same time, using both fists.
Anne - Don't do that.
Sally - What are you going to do about it?
Anne - DOP.
#dual #ovary #punch #ovaries #reproductive bits
dodane przez Shon! maj 22, 2008
a dress top
Is that a top? No, its a dop
#dress #top #long #short #cat
dodane przez fagty listopad 30, 2010
Defier Of Physics - Pertaining to a woman's awesome boobage.
Joe: "How's Jennifers tits?"
Aaron: "Dude, she's a total D.O.P."
Joe: "Luuuuuucky!"
#tits #boobs #boobage #breasts #purple headed yogurt slinger
dodane przez IM_AN_ASSMAN_SLASH_TITMAN październik 31, 2012
This word is derived from the word Dopamine in psychology known as the Neurotransmitter that is involved in Learning, excitement, attention, also pleasurable and rewarding feelings.
In short means when something is dop it means that it released dopamine into my brain therefore it was pleasurable, cool, or awesome.
That was dop!

That car is dop, it made my dad just looking at it.

Being an actor is dop.
#synonyms: cool #awesome #fun #pleasurable #exciting.
dodane przez Ivizelle wrzesień 16, 2012
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