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Awesome; really cool guy. Nobody's better.
Did you see him make that touchdown? He's Da Man!
dodane przez Johnny J Shmoove styczeń 16, 2003
176 64
A moment of AWESOMENESS; sometimes confused with Damon or Damien, both of which are way lamer.
That was way damen!
dodane przez Mikul luty 02, 2010
79 21
da man normally is in reference to "The Corporate World". This does not specifically target "Corporate America" as it is country specific if it is not taken in the global sense.

da man works on many levels of the Corporate World. the lowest common denominator is the boss that an employee reports to, to the company he/she works for, to the corporate working world as we know it.
Joe : "Hey Bob did you see that game last night"

Bob : "Nah Joe, I was too busy workin' for da man and didn't get home until it was over."
dodane przez Mike Most lipiec 28, 2004
72 38
A sexy beast who has a pathetic life
dodane przez anonymous sierpień 26, 2003
51 20
Also know as the guy that always gets it right. He gets the ladies and always has fun.
Man that guy gets all the ladies, (thats because he's Da Man)
dodane przez N@ luty 17, 2005
49 23
A being of complete and utter sexy-ness, worthy of a million wives. Destructive, Strong, Funny, and Charming.

Awesome at everything it does.
Sexy Gyal: That guy is sooo fucking sexy. I want him to have my babies.

Ugly Jealous Gyal: That's Daman.
dodane przez Andy_Bloom lipiec 03, 2010
32 12
Meaning intelligent
That person is very daman
dodane przez Craigsleg8 kwiecień 28, 2010
18 7