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The greatist Canadain Band ever, members frequented The Tom Green show, and co-host of the show glen humplik was a former member. The band currently has 2 fulltime mebmers Liegh Newton and Mike Hickey. They tour whenever they can, frequently with tub ring.
What the fuck just happend on stage that was awesome
dodane przez Colin Eff sierpień 09, 2004
13 28
marvellous cocktail which probably accounts for a majority of primary delicious and majestic headaches.
u should visit the webster hall for the best daiquiri money can buy in NYC
dodane przez berryinaspin sierpień 28, 2006
65 22
A sweet cocktail drink made with rum and lime juice. Originally from Cuba, the drink can be served as a liquid or with a crushed ice in a slushie-like consistency.
That strawberry daiquiri was the shit!
dodane przez Art D. czerwiec 27, 2006
58 23
Jacob's woman. rowr.
Daiq is teh sexeh.
dodane przez tehwofl październik 03, 2003
7 35