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WYNNUN word fro smoke
hey bro got a darb i could borrow
dodane przez gilby2102 lipiec 10, 2008
the backwards spelling of brad. Sometimes used as a nickname for a guy named brad.
Hey darb hows it goin?
dodane przez fuckherhard marzec 22, 2009
Originating from Wynnum City, Australia, the word "darb" describes wynnum folk, unclean teenagers who form gangs to harass the neighbourhood. Often found sleeping outside 7-11.
"crap! its the darbs! run!"
"oh man, there are those darbs again"
"you are a darb."
dodane przez NOT a darb sierpień 07, 2005
Brisbane, Australia. Slang for a juvenile delinquient, though may age as far as late-20's. They're typified by poor personal hygene, low education, violent demeanour and a proliferation of trolley-handles (bars) as weapons. They steal, they kill, they cause trouble. Term arised from their most common phrase, "Gotta darb, cuz/cunt?"
A darb tried to drag me in his Commodore when I was driving through Wynnum.
dodane przez exocet grudzień 17, 2004
Darb, a verb. to darb is to drink. or fuck
man, lets go get darbed.
DUDE! i was so darbed last night.
dodane przez Jimmi Roar kwiecień 11, 2009
One's douchebag boyfriend.
Hey Anna, you still got your Darb?
dodane przez crafticus2009 luty 24, 2009
darb is the result of a broken condom.
damnit we had another darb!
dodane przez Darb luty 13, 2003