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Deathanol is ethanol, or ethyl alcohol(alcohol, "drinking alcohol"). It's a very harmful substance that is commonly found in alcoholic beverages. Prolonged use can cause damage to the heart, liver, and stomach. It can also cause brain damage. Deathanol is responsible for over 80,000 deaths per year. It's more harmful than ecstacy, lsd, ghb, and research chemicals and semi-synthetics. It's produced by fermentation, and is one of the most commonly used lab solvent/chemical. Deathanol has a higher NFPA 704 than 2-methyl-2-butanol (a somewhat less used lab solvent, but still common in laboratories. Intense or continued but not chronic exposure to ethanol(Deathanol) could cause temporary incapacitation or possible residual injury according to the NFPA 704. Exposure to 2-methyl-2-butanol would cause irritation with only minor residual injury. Ethanol(Deathanol, alcohol) causes increase in violence, loss of coordination, and impaired memory and judgement during the course of it's effects. Ethanol(Deathanol) is a depressant, but at low doses causes lower inhibitions and sociability, accompanied by impaired judgement and mild loss of coordination. Toxic metabolites are usually produced by consumption of ethyl alcohol (deathyl alcohol, deathanol). Over time, continual use can cause erratic behavior, damage to the brain(especially the prefrontal cortex), and addiction.
Ethanol is Deathanol!
dodane przez GhostlyTruther czerwiec 21, 2013
A fuel made from corn used to displace gasoline usage and excessive oil importation from hostile countries. The corn used to produce Deathanol is not used for its traditional uses such as foreign food aide for underdeveloped countries. The end result is the trading of oil for human life.
My Hummer gets 10 miles per Ethiopian, and filling up with Deathanol is cheap!
dodane przez Rich_Lather kwiecień 16, 2008
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