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Capital city of Bangladesh
Where is Dhaka?

It's in the center of Bangladesh...It's the major city.
#dacca #dhakaia #daccaia #daha #dhaka
dodane przez Adnan Khan sierpień 04, 2006
Nottingham slang for something being really cool
'That game is really Dhaka'
#dhaka #cool #nottingham #wicked #amazing
dodane przez ncrawley12345 listopad 03, 2006
A city at the heart of bangladesh, takes approximately 1 hour to travel a meter by car, leaving the house on foot means you'll get mugged and come back without shoes, but it is still awsome if you find the right people and places. Note,windows in cars are next to useless, if you don't have beggers covering them, you'll have rickshaws instead.
Dude the traffic was almost as bad as dhaka, yeah right, everyone know there's no such thing as Dhaka traffic...
#dhaka #bangladesh #dacca #bengal #decca #traffic #mugging
dodane przez tryfittingin marzec 20, 2012
The best place you can be. If you ever go there, you will feel like home; instantly. Let me emphasize: THE BEST PLACE YOU CAN EVER BE. This should be on your bucket list, because once you've been to this school (aisd for short) you've achieved something in life.
#aisd #paradise #heaven #happiness #love
dodane przez sawnrelinamm marzec 03, 2014
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