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a computer game that has a mephorical biss of the gates of heaven which cause flairing bonors double insize from passionate symphony through a lengerdary diablo playing mouse
feen "diablo is life, life is diablo"
dodane przez the wise bookaka kwiecień 12, 2007
27 26
A large, sand based Wyvern, or Dragon like creature from the game monster hunter. Has two enormous horns, and burrows underground to strike from below. when in a rage it is nearly unstopable.
"Runaway Diablos

My Band of travellers has been attacked by a Sand wyvern from under the ground! Slay it for us please......"
dodane przez Grieva-SeeD grudzień 14, 2007
6 10
One of Lamborghini's top exotics
that yellow thing sitting in my garage
dodane przez anonymous marzec 21, 2003
28 33
A fast-ass Lambo made to replace the Countach. Became the world's fastest car for a period after beating the Ferrari F40 by 0.3 MPH. Italian (and spanish) for Devil.
Lamborghini Diablo has a top speed of 201 mph.
dodane przez Gumba Gumba luty 24, 2004
12 20
A fat ass ride.
That yellow thing I wish was sitting in my garage.
dodane przez Slice marzec 21, 2003
11 20
1.A car that was meant for space travel and so good looking that makes leticia casta look fat.
2.A game that realy gets to you so bad you swear you'll be a mormone.
3.An entity devised be the jew then used by the Christians to keep them in bussiness and really does the trick after 2000 years.
1.Wish of all drivers and not.
2.Wish of all game companies to have made it up.
3.Still feared by the half-whit christians.
dodane przez Alex. luty 15, 2005
12 22
A Lamborghini Diablo is a Pontiac Firebird for dorks who have money.
Dude, is that a Lambo?
dodane przez Silverstone Metallic maj 15, 2003
7 17