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Marijuana, cannabis, pot, reefer, cheeba, weed, herb, ganja, green, bud, K.B., hydro, T.H.C, etc...
Do you have any nuggs of that sweet DOJA? You Do, Great, Give me a 50 sack.
dodane przez Pete Cipolla Jr kwiecień 09, 2003
660 91
pot, weed
hey man got any doja
dodane przez Shockeezy styczeń 29, 2003
230 86
That sticky icky green shit I used to have... but somehow smoked it all.
Where'd that dank doja go? Oh shit, I smoked that!
dodane przez DO-JA październik 21, 2003
210 127
Slang term for hydroponic marijuana
i want a zone of that doja.
dodane przez J-Wood październik 23, 2006
8 5
A person who is ordered around. Sent to the store when the phillies and beer runs out.
Yo my nigga we out of 40's run to the store. What are you crazy? I aint no fuckin doja!
dodane przez trizmcmany grudzień 15, 2004
171 205
The Rap Artist " The Game " ( aka. chuck taylor ) stripper name when he used to strip at the snooty fox
You not a soldier homeboy you come from a stip club, your name was DOJA i can show you the pictures blood
dodane przez Shahaan Dhillion kwiecień 03, 2006
48 102
Jazz/Hip hop band based out of rochester NY. guitar, acoustic bass,
groovin funk compositional jazz
dodane przez elliott kirby luty 13, 2004
36 90