Extremely popular manga and anime show, somewhat despised by some american (and japansese) audience, yet still very popular worldwide. The series is the later half of the manga and anime series Dragon Ball. It revolved around Son Goku and his sons/allies in many battles to save earth/the galaxy/the universe. It rose to popularity from cartoon networks largely edited adaptation in the early 2000s. Some people criticize it because of the anime's large amounts of filler, which would slow down the pace of the series dramatically. However, the manga was extremely concise. in fact, 3 anime episodes were sometimes adapted from a single manga issue. Many critics do not understand this, resulting in large amounts of criticizm and hatred. In America it became the first taste of Anime for some people, and therefore can be considered a groundbreaking anime here.
Dragon Ball Z is hated by some people, however, many gripes about the series are superfluous in the face of a well made series.
dodane przez thegreatmonkey październik 22, 2005
During Genital Stimulation. Before male explosion The man positions his cock in front of the ladies face and simultaneously with ejaculation makes the hand gestures of a Kame Blast positioning his pork sword between his palms while yelling "Kamehameha".
My boyfriend executed the Dragon Ballz maneuver and his power levels were off the charts.
dodane przez luv vagina marzec 19, 2010
dragonballz is a popular cartoon series created by Akira Toriyama, the origional creator of Dragonball. It can get boaring sometimes as the episodes do drag out a long time.
dragonball z Frieza saga; Freiza vs Goku
Frieza: This planet will blow up in 5 minutes....
'5 episodes later'
Frieza: Not long now...
'10 episode later'
Frieza: Just a bit longer (Why the fuck is this taking so long this is fuckin gay)
dodane przez !@#$ wrzesień 08, 2005
An Anime cartoon show where they do either 3 things each episode...
1. Stand there and talk for the whole episode
2. Charge up for the whole episode
3. Stand there shocked for 5 minutes at how high someone elses power level is...
There is about 5 minutes of fighting each episode and it isnt even that great. And said above they show the whole series again before season yet people still watch it. Characters on the show also have the best hair gel in the world, and can make their hair glow with the gel.
Carlo: Oh wow a new episode of Dragonball!!! Goku is charging up to be the Supermega Saya-jin-jon man!!!
dodane przez Steve październik 07, 2003
Dragonball Z is a highly popular show, People love it in every country. One of the Most popular shows on cartoon network. Mainly Having to do with Goku, Vegeta, Trunks, Goten, Gohan. An the enemy's Frieza, The Androids, Majin Buu, Baby ETC.
Dragonball Z - Ready Goten?! Ready Trunks!!

dodane przez Cody Wasemiller sierpień 09, 2007
simply the best anime ever created. its such pure genius how they dragged the fights out. this way you have much more content to watch. the music in the show both dubbed and original really fit the show. I think bruce faulconer did a great job with his synthesized music. the dubbed voice actors vegeta & goku are better then the japanese cast. but to really get the true nature of this anime you have to watch it in its original language there Vegeta will say things like "Don't Fuck With Me" and "damnit". The Original show would be like going to watch a pg-13 movie. Thank god there was no nudity i mean what person wants to see Pan naked you sick ass nasty pedophiles.
dragonball z
dodane przez Goku styczeń 01, 2004
An amazing anime that was made in the 80's and is still popular to this day. Fucking white boys think that dragonball z was bullshit. If it was bullshit, how are there still many fans out there (that have lives including me) and it also has popular video games. It is about a man named Goku, he is a saiyan from outer space, but he was raised on Earth and he face many villians that threaten Earth.
Dragonball Z is cool. Fuck the haterz
dodane przez The_Urban kwiecień 17, 2007
Dragonball the series is no less than insightful and fun to watch. Starting out in the mid 80's, it has gained popularity over the recent years. Contrary to unpopular belief, there is more to the series than Goku's family kicking evils ass. It is by far one of the best imports to date.
Defination of GOKU: is it time to eat?
dodane przez meloveyoulongtime marzec 23, 2004
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