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A "second tier" public university in Ypsilanti, Michigan, Eastern Michigan University (EMU) is renowned as the number one producer of quality K-12 educators in the midwest. EMU also boasts excellent nursing, educational leadership, art, graphic design, dietetics and health administration programs, as well as most standard baccalaureate degrees. Eastern is also home to the most robust online education program of any four-year institution in Michigan, and possibly the midwest. EMU has an average enrollment of 23,000 students.

Despite its prestige in certain areas of study, the current university administration is intent on running any semblance of academic development into the ground by investing in a doomed division I football program, trading academics for (unlikely) success in the athletic arena. Recommended that you avoid until the board of regents gets their head out of their ass and realizes that Eagle football doesn't mean shit to anyone at EMU, let alone prospective students.
School principal: "I see here you were educated and certified at Eastern Michigan University. You're hired!"

EMU Grad: "Sweet!"
dodane przez EMUROX sierpień 17, 2011
Located in Ypsilanti, Michigan this is one of the worst places for "higher education" known to man. The campus sucks, the athletic teams are a joke, social life is non-existent, and the admission standards are so low. Essentially, anyone with a pulse can get in here. Most of the people are commuter students and there is no such thing as an Eastern Michigan fan as the University of Michigan is close in nearby Ann Arbor. Eastern SUCKS!
Person 1: "Hey man, where are you going this fall?"

Person 2: "Oh, I'm going to Eastern Michigan University."

Person 1: "I'm going to Washtenaw. It's way cheaper, and it's a hell of a lot safer"

Person 2: "Losers only go to Washtenaw."

Person 1: "Yeah, well at least I'll be able to transfer to a better school, as no one takes Eastern seriously."
dodane przez XYZ1000 sierpień 02, 2011
A place where splibs rape your white girlfriend.
Did you hear about that chick at Eastern Michigan University that had been in her dorm room dead for 3 days? Yeah, some splibs gang raped her.
dodane przez splibscockie luty 06, 2008
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