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A public school located in Eastern Middle School- a general shithole complete with cockroaches, drugs around ever corner, several violent gangs, and a gifted and talented Humanities and Communications magnet program filled with Irish royalty, Chevy chase preps and Asian math nerds.
Person 1: Oh, you went to Eastern Middle School?

Person 2: Yeah, what do you do?
Person 1: Oh, I'm the CEO of a large corporation. You?
Person 2: Cool, I'm one of the leaders of MS-13.
dodane przez Hahaha.Hahaha.Hahaha czerwiec 12, 2010
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A good school that has a few bad students that every middle school will have. They have a very good magnet program that will make a college graduate, not a loser like the other people that post about ems.
Hey, have you heard about her sister that went to eastern middle school?

Yeah, didnt she just graduate from columbia university?

Yep. Now shes going to usc in california. Thats so great.
dodane przez Ttizzle3000 sierpień 11, 2011
a very crapy school in a crapy area. there is a cock-roach infestation and insane children, like rapists drug dealers and gang bangers. the only thing keeping the school from getting shut down by some drug association are the overly perky magnet kids. these kids are usually mentally scared by the racist slang and bullying by the time they leave.
20 year eastern middle school reunion:

magnet kid: oh, is that you? it's been years! what have you been up to? i wrote an oscar winning screenplay!
ghetto kid: oh i'm still trying to graduate 8th grade and i am a hobo with a shotgun on the side.
dodane przez justanothersupasmartkid czerwiec 15, 2011
A middle school surrounded by ghetto people. These can be illegal people. Most students get raped or seduced everyday. Drugs, pregnancy, and illegal activities are all normal at Eastern Middle School. If the school had no Magnet Program, it would be entirely ghetto. Eastern is full of rich Potomac kids, stuck up Chevy Chasers, and other people. But simply, Eastern is a fucked up, gang banging, school to learn, full of fish holes.
Adult 1: Hey, I haven't seen you since I caught you selling drugs at Eastern Middle School!

Adult 2: Yeah I know. What's your job?

Adult 1: I'm a teacher at Blair HS.

Adult 2: Cool, I'm a part time rapist and a part time prostitute. Man, Eastern taught me good,

Adult 1: (WALKS AWAY)
dodane przez iWroteThisSinceiHateMrsHawe czerwiec 14, 2011

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