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A short, feisty girl. She's beautiful, but she just doesn't know it. She's smart, she won't show it. She's loved, but she feels lonely. She has great friends, but she won't say so. She feels love-deprived, but everyone loves her. She's afraid, afraid of her past. She falls in love too much. She has a broken heart, but she can't show it. She is the best friend you could ever ask for, but she won't agree.

Emily Bacon is very aggressive, but scared; she's feared, but fears death; she's small, but she acts big. Emily Bacon is a different kind of Emily, not like the other Emily's on Urban Dictionary. She stands up for what she believes in, but that never seems to be enough. She's one of those girls you can't help but fall for. Guys are afraid to ask her out because they think she's scary, but this only hurts Emily Bacon more. If you know an Emily Bacon, be kind, generous, loving, thoughtful. Don't hurt Emily Bacon, she's already been through enough pain.
Jake: Wow. I truly hate Emily Bacon, she's so mean and scary!
Averie: You know, saying bad things about her isn't going to change her. Why can't you just be nice, she's been through enough!
Jake: Ohh... I never thought of it that way. Now I feel bad, you know I have wanted to be with Emily Bacon forever?! I love her so much...
Averie: then go ask her out you big dummy!!
Jake: But I'm still equally scared of her!!
dodane przez I hate my life... listopad 27, 2011

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