People who get mad at the world so they slit there wrists becase there dumb asses.
Jeff woke up remembering last night when people made fun of him for being emo, so he opened up his sock drawer and got out a small switch blade and started to slit his wrists.
dodane przez Kaleb Dallas styczeń 03, 2007
A bunch of whiny, white, middle class teenagers. Can go on a week long emotional rollercoaster just because someone finished all the Coco Pops.
Emos normally tend to have a lot of msn/myspace friends. Do not be alarmed, it is not because theyre well liked, actually, emos manifest with other emos which creates this large whiny group of teenagers. Emos have long, greasy, unwashed hair, which is required to cover at least 2/3 of the face.
Emo music is commonly known as soft-cock punk, often containing seemingly-castrated emos singing in whiny high-pitched voices.
Found in corners, normally crying, the male emo attracts the female emo by either writing a soft-cock emo song containing droning guitar riffs or striking a conversation on how much life sucks. Characterised by the movement of their heads, as every 2 meters they walk they swing their heads in an attempt to stop their greasy hair sticking to their face.
If an emo is contemplating suicide by cutting his/her wrists, remember to remind him/her, it's down the road, not across the street.
Preferred killing method is disemowelment, do not decapitate, theyre just like roaches.
Preferred bait for emos are iPods or Chucks signed by Fallout Boy.
It is really very satisfying to punch an emo, try it some time.
If you ever see an emo walking the street, be sure to run him/her down with your car. The fewer the better.
Person 2: Good.
Person 1: Yeah..
Emo Boyfriend: Hey
Emo Girlfriend: Hey
Emo BF: Life sucks
Emo GF: Yeah..
Emo GF: You want something to drink?
Emo BF: Yeah get me an orange juice
Emo GF: Theres none left...
Emo BF: OH GOD!!! (sobs)
dodane przez i hate all emos październik 12, 2008
a perverse blend of gay, punk and goth managing somehow to combine the worst aspects of each
emos are a homosexual, self-destructive group that will soon die out due to their obsession with suicide.
dodane przez Nik-Naks sierpień 18, 2008
An incomprehensibly lame, fag-ass pimple bitch lifestyle pseudo-pretense, embraced by vaguely homosexual or bi or confused boys and distinctly hideous, blemished, chubby girls.
"Hi. Say do you know a good place to buy scarves to wear in summer, stretch jeans, and black hair dye?"
"Yes, Emo Zone on W. 33rd."
dodane przez Faggolicious lipiec 15, 2008
Often associated with gothic, but a fake cheap demeaning version. Something that annoys everyone that isnt emo. Something thick people take up to fit in, much like cigarettes. Started off as a music genre, went out of control. Someone who calls themself emo immediately degrades themself. A phase. Ruining the world. Has anyone noticed that you cant do anything without someone calling you emo? Like now if you dye your hair black, paint nails black, be alone for a while, dont smile often, or wear a bit more black than the average person, YOU ARE EMO. It is very frustrating for people who did these things BEFORE emo even became this epidemic, like me, because they put effort in to be something they are not, but i do it naturally and people think im trying to be emo. I get called emo all the time, but the people who call me it are stupid idiots that are only making the crisis worse. You know what? People call NAPOLEON DYNAMITE emo! THAT IS INSANE!!!!!! Like WTF?!?!?! Its napoleon dynamite for fuck sake! You know what else? The rolling stones got called emo! ACDC got called emo! Judas priest got called emo! Its so hard these days for people to tell whether someone is a tryhard emo poser or not. I HATE EMO. You should hate emo. It is destroying teenagers and uniquity. It cheapens everything. It demeans everything. Its so SIMPLE. Do you want to be SIMPLE? Do you want to be BORING? Do you want people to roll their eyes everytime you are mentioned? If not, then please resist from being emo. The only person that can stop it before it gets out of contol, is you. Think about it.

One way an emo is created:

girl: that boy over there has long black hair that covers his face. He wears nail polish. He wears make up. WOW he is so in touch with his feminine side. He is so unique! Im gonna go ask him out.
*girl walks up to emo poser cock boy*
emo poser cock boy: What do you want? To steal my soul with your vulgar bullying? ...even know i dont know what that means.
girl: no i want you, your so... different.
emo poser cock boy: okay but only if you become emo and cut yourself. Only then wil i let into my blackened soul
girl: okay i have to go now and follow emo stereotypes. bye
emo poser cock boy: bye...
*girl walks off*
emo poser cock boy: wow girls really like this emo thing. I better be more emo and follow even more strerotypes!

This is just one of the many ways this stupid disease spreads and gets worse.

dodane przez MetalheadRosie lipiec 10, 2008
A bunch of really gay people that think there cool but really arent. They say they dont want to be a conformist and be like normal people so they go and conform with another group.

Their music is really terrible and consists of guitarist who are really god aweful and have probably never played the guitar in there life and there singer usually has the voice of a three year old girl, but they woud probably sound better if they got the cock out of their mouth.

You can usually find an emo/qweer in the arcade of a mall playing dance dance revolution or in hot topic, where all there gay clothes are sold. There hair is usually a different color every other week and it comes down to there jaw bone on one side of there face and is straightend and the back is really spikey and looks like it could be wrung out with grease to cook bacon with. They wear black or gray usually with a little bit of pink and have fingerless gloves that come up to there elbows usually because they dont realize how gay it looks. You can usually find an emo wearing about 3242 spiked wrist bands that they never take off not even to shower.

Emos dont like sports. For many reasons, mostly because they suck balls in sports. But also because it requires that you put forth effort and there so lazy they dont want to do that. Another reason is because most jocks make fun of and beat up emos...because there gay.

You can also identify an emo by the 22374293472934729374 peircings in there face, mostly in the lips, nose, or ears. It is also easy to point out an emo because they will be jacking off to Harry Potter, or anime crap. They usually wear skin tight pants because they have no ball sack anymore, and are the scrawniest human beings in the world.

Emos are just a bunch of gay losers that caint make friends so they formed there own little cliche
Confused Girl: Gosh your hott! I just love that your wearing the same pants as me and that i could probably beat your ass if i wanted to...I want you to fuck me right now!

Emo: Haha no way, what do you think i am...normal. I dont like girls and besides i dont have a penis anymore so i caint have sex with you.
dodane przez HAIR! czerwiec 16, 2008
1. A type of music.

2. A shity little poser (uselly a teenager) who talks about how he/she hates life when he/she has their health, is able to go to school, and has the money to go on shoping sprees and buy all the fagey that they whare.
They also talk about hateing conformest when they conform them selfs

3.The more evolved less dark goth (goth is just a more evolved punk) origionated in 1982.

4. The fags that give people that really are clinicly depressed, a bad name!
1.guy:Hey, do you like emo music?
guy 2:Thought that was a stiyle, not music

2.guy:You ok dude? You look sad.
emo:(says some sad shit about how sad his life is)
guy:So. Suck it up!
emo:(more sad shit about how sad his life is)
guy:im just going to kick you gay ass now!

3.emo:(says sad shit about how sad his life is)
goth:(talks about death,saten, and killing his/her self)
punk:(talks about heavy metal and vandelism)

4.guy: hey are you an emo or something?
clinicly depressed kid:no.
guy:Then how come you dont talk?
CDK:becouse i dont want to.
guy:do you hang out with emos?
CDK:No! I hate emos. They are the biggest posers that walk this earth! If they talk about killing them selfs then they should do it! The world would truly be a better and happier place with out them!
dodane przez enjoy life before its to late luty 27, 2008

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