Upcoming 2007 "comedy" film that puts my faith in humor very low.
"Epic Movie looks like a piece of crap."
#boy #epic #movie #sucks #donkey
dodane przez Brody K. styczeń 10, 2007
Top Definition
A synonym for suckiness or shittiness (yes, the movie was that bad). Something that sucks or is retarded.
Dude, your last girlfriend was fine until she turned stalker, shit her pants in class, and went all Epic Movie.

Don't buy that car Duane, it has Epic Movie written all over it.

I'll never get into college. My SAT scores were Epic Movie.

Britney Spears had a career 'til she went all Epic Movie.

#epic #movie #britney #spears #retard #bad #shitty #disaster #film
dodane przez Steve Holtonavich styczeń 26, 2007
A TERRIBLE movie that would have been more aptly named: Epic Fail!
Joey: Did you see Epic Movie?
Nick: More like Epic FAIL!
#epic #movie #fail #suck #blow
dodane przez KiNG`Joey czerwiec 20, 2007
Another piece of shit spoof that just has riduculas characters, why not have real actors instead of fake actors playing as the actors like they were crazy ppl. Sma eas the X Men, why can't they get Ian McKellen playing Magneto instead some other old guy dressed up like it was a fucking halloween party.
Epic Movie is a piece of shit, bad stunt doubles like when the lion was fighting the witch it was some Asian kid. Jokes suck, too much breakdancing oh god it was like watching You got served but this sucks alot worst. And the scene where "Captian Jack Sparrow arrives" and the White Bitch would be wearing a Davey Jones mask and then starts another break dance. These jokes are unexplainable and unfunny. Don't watch it.
#epic shit #suck #crap #don't watch it #good bye
dodane przez Alan Massacre kwiecień 14, 2008
Don't get me wrong, I love parodies but this was pretty crappy. It had little humor and was more for the 11 - 13 age group.
I love scary movie, mad tv, and other parodies but epic movie was boring as shit.
#parody #fuck #geez #w/e #idc #shut up #loser #jk #ily
dodane przez Jersey Kid styczeń 26, 2008
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