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sounds thats happens when i scratch my cds or when I trhow a frog behind my back or when I say it and the light turns on
Erit Erit thats all it takes
dodane przez Kalvin Ken Kumburg (kkk) październik 09, 2004
1) v. The sound a spinning record being moved back and forth, usually by a DJ. Normally, two "erits" will occur together.

2) v. The act of a person pretending to do definition 1.
1) erit-erit

2) "erit-erit"
dodane przez Jordanovich wrzesień 03, 2004
One who bumbles.
Erit isn't here. Erit stepped out to Taco Villa.
dodane przez Brother Dave (Hee Hee) wrzesień 01, 2013